Where Are They Now?

In our 10+ years of existence we have mentored more than 500 people. Of those who are still in touch with us we know:

  • 12% have gone on to start their own businesses.
  • 12% have gone back to school for advance degrees.
  • 4 spent a year traveling  nationally and internationally.
  • More than 42% have been promoted within their own firms.
  • 23% have moved to higher positions in a new company.
  • One became president of a regional community college system.
  • One was was hired as CEO of a growing technology company.
  • Five have started their own Arch of Leadership practices.
  • 15 have become mentors in our community programs.
  • One left business and followed his dream to become a musician.
  • One wrote and published his biography and started a new life-advancement program.

The Arch of Leadership, leader mentoring program makes a difference In the lives of our Graduates.

Let our unique leadership development program make a difference in your life -- and in the lives of those whom you lead. 

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