The People

A leader inspires other people.

Out of everyday employees who are in your organization to earn a living, we help you create a new relationship in their lives: You are a leader with whom they are willing to be "followists."


We envision a “followist” as someone who adopts that role in the mode of a professional, similar to that of an “art-ist” or a practitioner of a craft, trade or discipline. These people are critical, self-contained and capable. They seek personal growth and learning in what they do in the context of your leadership and the arch it creates. Followists adopt this relationship with you in order to learn from it, so they will be able both to impart that role to others when they lead and they can learn about leading in a way that encompasses their own outlooks, values and vision.

We invented that term, "followist," in order to highlight a special kind of relationship between a leader and all the other people who contribute to the endeavor. In our view, all leaders have followers. Indeed, no one is a leader who does not have followers.

But “creative leaders,” people who create new possibilities for wider collaboration and improving quality of life for everyone affected by the endeavor, create followers of a particular kind. These are people who consciously choose to follow a leader in certain aspects of their lives, and who continually evaluate that choice, deciding over and over again, whether or not to remain within the arch.

Followists are your peers, employees, friends, associates. What makes them special to you as a creative leader is that they want to apply their skills and energies toward a vision you have initially set out. They are willing to work hard to transform your idea into a reality. And they do so without giving up their own standpoints, opinions and convictions; and they do so in order to be able to carry on their work long after this endeavor is complete.

We Study Followists in Order to:

  •  Learn the essential elements of creating followists -- people who take initiative, apply discipline and learning so as to realize their own dreams.
  •  Identify what you need from followists and what they need from you.
  •  Learn to articulate your vision in a way that ignites their aspirations


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