What our Clients Say

"You didn't fix me but you made my life better." - Senior Manager, Sandia National Laboratories

"Dr. Shenkman's material and process hits the target perfectly.  He has managed to synthesize the knowledge of many experts from a variety of disciplines into a practical curriculum that anyone can apply to leadership or life in general.  Rather than a generic how-to checklist, his mentoring is a process of guided introspection designed to uncover your strengths and weaknesses; enabling you to make informed choices in your leadership style."  - Duane Fladland, State Director, WSBDC

"I have seen Shenkman’s idea of leader mentoring develop from its inception. After more than 12 years of experience, fine-tuning and consolidating its approach, it is now honed to a fine point. The good managers who are seleced to go into this program do emerge amoung our organization’s most trusted, respected and effective leaders." - Charles E. Hoffman, President and CEO, Covad Communications, Inc. (retired)

"We base the leadership portion of our master’s curriculum on Shenkman’s philosophy of leader mentoring. The practicing architects participating in the program universally feel his insights have heightened their effectiveness in promoting change within their firms and their profession." - Curt Lamb, AIA, Ph.D. - Executive Director, Education Initiatives, Boston Architecture College, Boston, Massachusetts

"From having worked as a manager at Intel Corporation for 17 years, I learned the importance of “roadmaps” to the success of an engineering and technology company. Shenkman has developed a roadmap that uses mentoring as a vehicle for cultivating leaders. The result is that for some it will rock their world, and for others open up wonderful new possibilities. And in a technology world, change is everything." - Barbra Brazil Manager, Public Affairs, Intel Corporation (retired)

"Mentoring put my heart and soul back into everything in my life, including work. I stopped being unconscious of how everything is interrelated. It’s much more than balance. It’s a commitment to who you are and what you want to achieve in life. I learned to lead with hear and soul at work, at home, and everywhere." - Lisa Graham, Areas Vice President, Americas Channels, Adobe Systems

“Arch of Leadership’s insights into the essence of leadership in both personal and professional terms inspired me to think differently about what is possible. I transitioned from the coporate world to an entrepreneurial path and continue to use the reflections and coaching that this program gave to me.” – Sally Thornton, Co-founder and Chief Curator, Forshay

"I truly believe in my heart of hearts that this program is changing lives and doing it in a very special way."

"This program gave me the opportunity to push myself to new places. The program is helping me to realize no matter how much work I do, no matter how well I think I know myself, I always find ways to question my assumptions and learn something really valuable."

Attendees of the Boston Community Program

"I definitely feel that the inner growth was tremendous in making me come to terms with being a leader and acting consciously in that role and accepting the responsibility as a privilege and not a burden."

"No other program looks at the person of the leader vs. the techniques and tools the leader or manager might deploy."

Attendees of the Albuquerque, NM Community Program

"For some mentoring will rock their world, for others it will open up wonderful opportunities. None are left unchanged. Arch of Leadership mentoring inspires its clients to take their leading to the heights.”  

“I was surprised by the whole process. This was not the type of coaching, training or mentoring I had experienced in the past. Arch of Leadership provides a framework for deep introspection and self understanding which opened the door to self knowledge and true creative leadership.” 

“For those seeking mentoring, my best recommendation is to be open to this process. Don’t expect advice; don’t expect direction. Be prepared to peel back the covers of your leadership and take a long hard look at yourself. And then accept and use what you find there. Be honest and fully engaged. Allow yourself to be surprised. And make no mistake about it — this is hard work! And it will change your life!.”

Arch of Leadership Alumni

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