Custom In-House Professional Mentoring Program

Our top-tier program, designed for organizations that want to make professionally trained and experienced mentors available to their most promising executives. Each individual selected for the program receives highly individualized mentoring attention to their aspirations as leaders. 

Benefits: This program fosters leadership team cohesion, dedication and focus.  Since the program recognizes aspiring leaders’ commitment, and since it is such a meaningful personal leader growth experience, this format also serves as a most effective retention tool in competitive talent markets. Recognize an ROI several times the cost of this premium program by preventing the loss of key employees, avoiding executive search fees and downtime as new hires get up to speed.

Features: Program duration: eight months.  Eight private, confidential, individual, 90-minute sessions; one session per month.  Three or four group sessions for all participants. (The number of group sessions will depend on what your organization decides is necessary to achieve its objectives.)  Professional mentors travel to the organization’s site.

This unique program has been used by world-leading organizations for more than 10 years to create cultures in which leaders step forward to take on the most difficult challenges.

To start your Custom In-House Professional Mentoring  program or, for more information, contact:

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