Coming soon, a new book by Michael H. Shenkman - "Artist Aspiring: Mentoring the Urge to Create"
Learn what they don't teach in business schools


Are you looking for something new in leadership learning? Are you seeking the next step beyond executive coaching? Are you a good manager, ready to step into an executive position?

Then you are ready for professional Leadership Mentoring, an experience unlike any  other leadership training, executive education or business coaching program.

We have been delivering our unique executive mentoring and leadership training programs to corporations and individuals nationwide for over 10 years.

We offer a complete portfolio of programs for executives, managers and aspiring leaders. We give you the tools and insights to become the leader you were meant to be.

Our clients say this is one of the most important experiences they have had. - "For some mentoring will rock their world, for others it will open up wonderful opportunities. None are left unchanged. Leadership Mentoring inspires its clients to take their leading to the heights.”  

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What makes Leader Mentoring different


No Mentors, No Leaders!

Our Professional Mentors  help developing leaders prepare for and enter the life of creative leading in order to build organizational value, inspire success and enhance quality of life.

Creative Leaders offer people the opportunity to successfully accomplish encompassing, life-enhancing and more inclusive endeavors than they could accomplish on their own. More than coaching, more than training, our programs focus on the skills of character that are at the heart of great leading.

As an aspiring or senior leader who wants to do more, be more, our corporate, group, and individual mentoring programs will help you:

• Translate your vision into bold action
• Achieve your personal, professional and organizational goals
• Inspire peak performance throughout the organization every day
• Continuously grow as a leader
• Develop successors for key senior positions

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Announcements and Upcoming Events


Dr. Michael Shenkman's new book, Into the Open: Mentoring Mystic Aspirations, is now available. Shenkman provides his unique view of how the mystic mind works and how their creative force affects human endeavors.

Dr. Shenkman's next book, "Artist Aspiring: Mentoring the Urge to Create", will be available soon.

shenkmansmall.gifDr. Shenkman is now accepting clients in his private mentoring practice, mentoring each according to their aspirational situations (leader, artist, prophet or mystic). For more information, visit or contact Dr. Shenkman at  or 505-503-8188. To learn more about mentoring and aspiration, visit

There are no upcoming calendar events.
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